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We make simple sites for busy professionals

Are you a scientist, researcher, activist, writer, etc. working in the areas of climate, environment, biodiversity or equity and need a website but have no money, time, experience to make it happen? No problem. You're in the right place.

About MySmallBytz

By curating and synthesizing large and often complex issues into small, bite-sized chunks of information and connecting them to effective action steps we want to offer a better way to inform, educate & motivate your visitors so they will take action. We want to:

  • Move people from “Yes, I know about it” to “Yes, I can do something about it”.

  • Use the powerful tools of the Internet to reach audiences that will go on to make important differences in their world.

SmallBytz include:

  • One page, scrolling websites

  • Traditional Wordpress sites

  • Online micro-courses

  • Mini and full online courses

  • "Learn Something" toggles

  • Small, focused apps (soon)

How It Works

Simple Sites for Busy Professionals

Whether we reach out to you or you to us we want to offer you the same opportunity:


Free 20 minute introductory chat that will lead to a longer conversations and interactions


Each free offer comes with 5-10 free hours of digital assistance, guidance and support


Free development of an efficient and modern online presence that represents your efforts


Your site remains safe on our platform but can be shared, transferred or downloaded by or to you


Access to a digital partner via email, Slack or phone

All we ask is that you share this opportunity with colleagues and
consider "buying us a coffee . . . er. . . book" or "supporting us with a larger gift"
to help support our efforts.

If you are a professional in the Climate, Environment, Biodiversity or Equity field sign up now for a free website!!

Recent Work - 11/12/2021

Citizen Solution - Navigating A New World

Our Newest Project
Citizen Solution - Navigating A New World


We have split our popular Citizen Solution site into two sites. Our newest site is on the left.It's called Citizen Solution - Navigating A New WorldWe will always be plagued by the truth that we had time to act in a planned, incremental way but we chose not to do it. With the limited success (read failure) of COP1 thru 26 we now know that we must move past planned, incremental change and into an era of moving quickly, acting decisively, and following the correct path.
“Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”
Our online learning site is Citizen Solution - Online
Citizen Solution - Online

Ongoing Projects

SmallBytz - websites fast, cheap & totally in control

In Progress: Cognitive Advisors

SmallBytz - websites fast, cheap & totally in control

Template: Build Back Better

Websites4Researchers - Doing Your Best Work


SmallBytz - websites fast, cheap & totally in control

Draft: Invest In Yourself


Websites4Scientists - Tools in Support of Science


SmallBytz - websites fast, cheap & totally in control

2021 Campaign: Carolyn Murray

SmallBytz - websites fast, cheap & totally in control

Template: Ad Sense Site

SendThis - Personalized Sympathy Cards Online

Send This . . . Personalized Sympathy Cards


SmallBytz - websites fast, cheap & totally in control

Proposed: Shark Advocates

2021 Calendar: Ecotone Digital

2021 Calendar: Ecotone Digital - Access, Assets, Assistance

EcoDigital: Access, Assets, Assist

Websites4Activists - Make Yourself Heard


The Busy Professionals we are currently working with are members of the CEBE community.

  • Climate

  • Environmental

  • Biodiversity

  • Equity

If you are a student or professional researcher, scientist, activist, writer, etc. please contact us.

SmallBytz - Small chunks of information and action steps

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Citizen Solution - Navigating A New World
Citizen Solution - Online
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